John Jay


John Jay's Birth

December 12, 1745

John Jay was born to a important family in New York city

Started Kings College


He met many people while he went here who greatly influenced his thinking. He grew deeply interested in politics.

Graduated from Kings College


John Jay graduated Kings College with the highest honors

Represented New York at the Continental Congress


He initially searched for a way to maintain ties with Great Britain. However wanting to ensure that colonist's rights would be respected, he soon wholeheartedly supported the revolution.

Helped negotiate an end to the American Revolution


John Jay Helped Benjamin Franklin end the Revolutionary war with the Treaty of Paris.

Became Secretary for Foreign Affairs


Upon returning to America Jay found Congress had elected him Secretary for foreign affairs

Became Supreme Court's first Chief Justice


George Washington Appoint Jay as Supreme Court's first Chief Justice until 1795

Went to Great Britain to address contentious Issues


John Jay went to Great Britain to address issues such as exports, seizures and occupation resulting in the "Jay Treaty"

Elected Governor of New York


Upon returning from Great Britain John Jay learned that he had been elected as governor h

John Jay's Death

May 17, 1829

John Jay died on May 17, 1829 in Bedford New York