Alexander Hamilton's Life



Approx. January 11, 1757

Alexander Hamilton was born in Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis. His parents were Rachel Faucette Buck and James A. Hamilton. He was the youngest of the 2 siblings.

Alexander Hamilton

Approx. January 11, 1757 - July 12, 1804

Alexander Hamilton's Life.


Approx. 1777 - Approx. 1781

Appointed aide-de-camp to George Washington with rank of lieutenant colonel

Retired from active military duty

New York and Law


Appointed receiver of continental taxes for New York

Chosen delegate from New York to the Continental Congress

Admitted to practice of law as attorney and counselor before the New York Supreme Court of Judicature

Annapolis Convention and State Assembly


Chosen delegate to Annapolis Convention

Elected, New York state assembly

Constitutional Convention and Federalist Essays


Named delegate to the Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia

Began series of Federalist essays

Ratifying Convention


Elected a delegate to New York's ratifying convention

Treasury Secretary

1789 - 1795

Appointed the first treasury secretary of the United States

Inspector General

1798 - 1800

Appointed inspector general of the army with rank of major general



Died in New York following a duel with Aaron Burr in Weehawken