Alexander Hamilton

The best man to ever have a musical about him.



Approx. January 11, 1757

On januarry 11, 1757, Alexander Hamilton was born to Rachel Faucette Black and James A. Hamilton in Nevis in the Carribean.



Hamilton's father left the family because he was full of debt, then in 1768 his mother died of a high fever, leaving Alexander Hamilton an orphan.



Hamilton's first major responsibility, at 14, Hamilton's boss of the company whom he was working for at the time leaves for sea and puts Hamilton in charge for five months.

Sent to America


When he was 12 Hamilton became orphaned, but in 1773 he was sent to New York by his family friends to further his education.


1774 - November 1776

Hamilton attended King's College (Now Columbia University) in 1774 and graduated two years later

Heart of Oak


Hamilton joined the Heart's of Oak, a volunteer militia company from New York



In 1780 Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler, after serving at Washington's aid for a few years

Federal Papers

1784 - 1788

Hamilton serves in the Constitutional Congress and Constitutional Convention. He writes 51 of the 85 essays published in the Federal Papers.

First National Bank


Alexander Hamilton is successful in creating the first National Bank of the United States. Under a 20 year charter. Washington reluctantly signs the bill, under the assumption it was needed for the financial future of America.


July 11, 1804 - July 12, 1804

On July 11th Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr duel on the banks of the Hudson River, as Hamilton surrenders, he gets shot in the abdomen and meets his death on July 12th