The Progression of American Political Partys


John Adams is elected president. His feud with his election opponent Thomas Jefferson and their principles creates the first two political party's, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans


Thomas Jefferson was elected president and became the first president of the Democratic-Republican party


The Democratic-Republican Party stopped electing candidates and eventually ceased to exist

1816 - 1820

The Era of Good Feelings. Political party's ceased at the national level.

1817 - 1825

The Democratic Party replaces the Democratic-Republican party and holds its first convention. I supports Andrew Jackson in compassion to his opponent Henry Clay, who was supported by the Whig party.


Opinions on slavery split the Whigs Party and it was replaced by the Republican Party which was created to end slavery.


The Golden Age starts and as immigrants increase the number of political machines increases. This is because they offered people more social services.


Political Machines lost power because the # of Immigrants decreased

1920 - 1929

FDR's New Deal makes people more depended on social services offered by election candidates.

1930 - 1939

After the end of WW2 Politics began to become more candidate centered

1939 - 1945