the book Animal Farm ours Trotsky Lenin and Stalin in the form of describing it as in the view of an animal on a form and how they overcome there troubles on the farm comparing those of the Russian revolution .animal farm is a satire on the Russian revolution .


comparison between things

1917 - 1922

Lenin introduces Marx ideas to Russia .
Jones constantly socializs with other farmers and forgets to take care ofthez animals as a result . This symbolizes the animals cause to rebel against there master Mr Jones .
The Russian revolution ending with the abdictation of Nicholas the second
Nicholas was murdered on ( July 17 )
End of world war one ( November 17 )
Start of the labor camps
Battle of he cowshed
The pigs demanded and encouraged the other animals to work hard on the farm

comparison between things

1923 - 1924

Beginning of the struggle between Trotsky and Stalin . It related because it symbolizes the realizations between the two pigs Napoleon and snowball are apparent

comparison between things

1924 - 1928

Death of Lenin Napoleon is openly antagonistic to snowballs ideas
Old major skull was displayed but animals instead of admiring it they flew past it

comparison between the things

1929 - 1932

Trotsky was deported
Was the Start of industrIalization
Failure of the five year plans
Communist begin go abuse there power
Starvation of millions of People who did not want to work for stalling
Hens starved to death when they did not want to give there eggs so Napoleon took away all there rations of food
The pigs shows fake food to the representatives of other farms to prove animals are not starving

comparison between things

1933 - 1934

USA recognizes USSR
Other farms start to recognize the animal farm

comparison between things

1934 - 1936

"secret police" became official
Kirov was murdered
Dogs helped Napoleon to search through the private belongings of the animals
Chela was formed
Crop production starts to fail

comparison between things

1936 - 1939

The trials of Stalin opponents are apparent
Death of four pigs
Three hens
One goose and sheep

conparison between things

1939 - 1941

Non aggression pact between Germany and Russia
The deal was made between animal farm and Fredrick the con

comparison between things

1941 - 1945

Treaty was signed to divide Germany
Russians drive Germans out of the Soviet reunion
Five year plan focused on heavy industry to the exclusion of consumer goods
Religious tolerance begins
The allies have falling outs and words at the end of world war two
Animals forset original ideas is a pigs are viewed as men as human
Germany invade Russia
Start of deportation of non Russians
Banknotes were not worth anything because of the scam played by Fredric
Treaty with pilkington
instead of being given comfortable proper retirement boxer the horses taking to the slaughter house
Outlaw "beast of England" and have "spontaneous demonstrations" of planned patriotism

Other events that took place in he russian revolution