1993 UCLA Hunger Strike


Chavez founds the National Farm Workers Association with labor leader Dolores Huerta


UCLA Chicano/a studies program established


Chavez undertakes a “Fast for Life” to call attention to the health hazards farmworkers and their children face by exposure to pesticides. The fast lasts 36 days


Faculty proposal for a Chicano/a studies program is submitted with support from majority Chicano/Latino professors

January 25, 1992

Demonstration for Chicano/a studies department

December 1, 1992

Cesar Chavez dies in Yuma, Arizona

April 23, 1993

On the eve of Chavez's wake, Chancellor Young announces his refusal to establish a Chicano/a studies department

April 28, 1993

Students organize a sit-in over the welfare of a Chicano/a studies department. 99 students are arrested by 300 LAPD officers

May 11, 1993

5 students, 1 professor and 3 community members began a hunger strike to protest Young’s decision and disciplinary action against student protesters days prior

May 24, 1993

More than 1,000 students, faculty and community supporters stood outside Murphy Hall to celebrate the end of a 14-day hunger strike and the creation of the César E. Chávez Center

June 7, 1993

Chancellor Albert Carnesale approved the departmentalization of the program