Venezuelan Revolution


The King of Spain is overthrown by Napoleon


Venezuela declares independence from Spain

July 5th, 1811

High taxes, oppressive working conditions, the Spanish had too many government positions, wealthy families had control over most of the economy (agriculture), slaves had to serve in the military. Napoleon overthrows the government.

Civil War

November, 1811

between the Juntas and Royalist

Simon Bolivar teams up with Francisco de Miranda

1812 - 1814

They start building an army to get independence from Spain. Spain sent troops to stop uprisings.

Battle of Boyaca

August 7th, 1819

Bolivar defeats the Royalist forces

Bolivar became president

1821 - 1830

He established Gran Colombia (Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia).

Spanish recognizes Venezuela's independence


Bolivar wins major victory against Spanish troops at Carabobo.

Gran Colombia Ends


Ecuador, and Venezuela separate from Gran Colombia to become totally independent.

Venezuela's first President


Jose Antonio Paez was the first president of Venezuela.

Civil War

1870 - 1999

Venezuela was torn by Civil War. 1870-1888 Guzman Blanco brought civil wars to an end. 1999 Venezuela adopts its current constitution