Block 4 Spanish 2 Mylacia Carr Honduras


First got discovered

1502 - 1503

Colombus set foot on the American Mainland for the 1st time at Trujillo in nothern Honduras

Settlers begin arriving

1520 - 1521

Spanish conquistadors and a few settlers begin arriving

The Burn

1643 - 1644

Dutch Piraloot and burn Trujillo


1821 - 1822

Spain Grants Independence to Honduras


1860 - 1861

American adventurer, William Walker, who attempts to take over central America, defeated in Trujillo by an Army of Nicaroguans, Costa rica , and Honduras


1920 - 1923

Seventeen uprising or attempted government overthrowns in Honduras give rise to the term "Banana Republic".


1932 - 1954

Ruled by two dictators- Tiburcio Carias Andino and Juan Manuel Galvez


1956 - 1957

The military ousts the presidents of Honduras. It will continue to manage Hondoran Politics for decades.

Soccer War

1969 - 1970

Six day soccer war with el salvador over allenged mistreatment of El Salvadoran immigrants in Honduras.

Native plants

1980 - 1990

To safegarud native plants and animals, the honduras governestablishes national parks, protected forests, and biological