Indian Removal Act


Discovery of gold in Dahlonega


Benjamin Parks was walking through the woods and kicked a rock, there were lots of rocks in the woods but this rock caught his eye with a different color. It turned out to be gold. 5 people also had these encounters. Suddenly people started rushing to Dahlonege to mine. That's how it all started. The gold was mostly in Indian territories so Americans kicked them out

Indian Removal Act

Approx. May 28, 1830

On May 28 , 1830 the Indian removal act was passed by Andrew Jackson the president at the time. He grant unsettled land west of Mississippi exchanging for there land. Some tribes left in peace but others stayed to fight for that they had built.

Trail of Tears Starts

February 17, 1831

(Cherokee Indians were forced to move west by the United States Government to what it now know at Oklahoma)- Cherokee Removal. More than 3500 native Americans dies tragic deaths on this deadly and dangerous journey. They had to walk thousands of miles to there new territory. Most of the Indians didn't have shoes, but the worse thing was frostbite in the winters killed most of these natives.

Worchester v. Georgia


Laws were set for the US that non native Americans couldn't live on Native American land unless they have a license. It laid out the relationship between the native Americas and the US.

Reason for the Indian Removal


The Reason For the Indian Removal was all because of cotton. It started making money down in the south so they started to take all the free land and turn it into farm land for this crop. That made them force out the Cherokee Indians to have more space for farming. This later lead to the revolutionary War North vs. South.

Treaty of New Echota

Approx. December 29, 1835

Signed on December, 29 1835 in New Echota, GA. The United States Government and the Representatives from the Entire Cherokee Nation Ceded it southeast territory and moved west.

Cherokee Indian Removal


All of the Cherokee Indians were forced to move more than 15,000 Cherokee Indians from there homes in the south to there territory in the north now know as Oklahoma. This was a part of the trails of tears.

Florida War

1836 - 1842

The war Took place in Florida, between the Native American group the Seminoles and the US. The Seminole group refused to leave there land to the United States so they stayed back and fought for it using the war tactic Gorilla Warfare.

Trails of Tears Ending


The trails of tears was a deadly trail walked by the Cherokee Indians forced out of there homes. It ended in 1839 with the remainder of the Cherokee Indians got to live a free life out west continuing there traditions.

Cherokee Indians new life in Oklahoma


After the trails of tears the Cherokee Indians live a new life in Oklahoma. They gained a way bigger population. They now have rebuilt and have successfully restarted there lives just because of the growth in the White Gold (Cotton).