Indian removal act


End of Revolutionary War


The Cherokees surrendered more then half of there original territory to state and federal governments. This happened because the colonial governments in the area began demanding that the Cherokee cede there territory.


1788 - 1789

Cherokees established a court system and abandoned the law of blood revenge and made a republican government.A Cherokee man named Sequoyah made the Cherokee syllabary, which enabled the Cherokees to read, write, make their laws, and write newspapers in their own language.

Compact of 1802


this was a agreement of the the federal government and state government of Georgia. they agreed that the federal government will take away Cherokees from state , if Georgia claimed all the specific western lands.

After War of 1812

1812 - 1815

a southerner of the name Andrew Jackson called for the United States to end what he called the "absurdity". Andrew was done negotiating with the Indian tribes he started to pressure on the federal government to fulfill the compact of 1802. Which meant get rid of Indian land title and move them from the state

principal chief John Ross

1819 - 1825

John Ross continued his work by making legal moves for the Cherokees as president of constitutional convention,In 1825 the cherokee national council said to the united states that it would refuse future cession requests and enacted a law prohibiting the sale of national land upon penalty of death.

Georgia stripped Cherokee rights


legislature took all of the Cherokee right in attempt to force them to leave the state.But the Cherokees were dependent nation and were in a relationship with united states.

Choctaw Indians

1831 - 1832

Between 1831 and 1832, the Choctaw were forced to be removed from their lands. They marched westward, regardless of age or illness

supreme court


They took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled that they were a sovereign nation n Worcester vs. Georgia. Andrew Jackson ignored supreme court and pushed thru treaty of new Echota.

Rremoval of Chickasaws and Creeks


They were forced to move out of there lands and move westward in 1833.the conditions were horrible and many people were dying along the way

trail of tears


The president Van Buren sent the us army into there nation, rounded up all of the Cherokee Indians . He put the Cherokees in temporary stockades and then marched the captives, led by john Ross to the Indian terrritory