Agriculture first is developed in Mesopotamia

7000 BC

People started to quit their farming jobs, to start making agriculture. They used it for pots, pans, spoons, some decorations for houses and more.

Worlds first empire

2350 BC

Sargon of Akkad conquers the land known as Mesopotamia and forms the worlds first empire.

Egyptian art/righting

700 BC

Egyptians had unique art style. This women named Rosetta Stone helped the people translate hieroglyphics, and now today whenever you solve a mystery, and what ever you used that helped you, that's what now today we call a Rosetta Stone.

Egypt people

500 BC

Queen H. Was the first women to be a pharaoh. She built many monuments. Ramses was the king for the longest time. He took over lands, protected Egypt. But after Ramses died, Egypt falls.

Pyramid uses and social death barring

400 BC

Pyramids took really long to build. Sometimes it took about 1-2 years. The Mesopotamia people and Egyptian people used them to build for pharaohs. The peasants were barried in the dessert. But Nobles were barried as mummies.

Egyptian People

400 BC

Queen H. was the first women pharaoh. She built many monuments for Egypt. Ramses was Egypt's king for the longest time. He took over lands, protected Egypt. Than after Ramses died, Egypt fell.

Invented time, months, days

300 BC

Sumers invented how many months in a year, how many days in a month/ year, how many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in a hour, and how many hours in a day.

Egypt protection

200 BC

Egypt is very well- protected. They protect their land by having a big dessert, witch you would die because its to hot. Then they have the Nile River, witch has to much presher, so it would suck you down.


200 BC

Kush had lots of gold, copper, and stone. They were rich. Their farmers were also getting good money to. Followed by that, they made the first iron industry. Kush is located north of the Nile River. In fact, Kush was remained an Egypt territory for about 450 years, and wow I would not like that if I was alive back then, and thank goodness because I don't want to live in like the 200 BC.


100 BC

Egypt is located in the desert, south of the Nile River. Egyptian language became once the language of the region. Egypt didn't like Kush. The only thing they did together as a team, was to trade gold and other stuff. Egypt often wanted to get gold from Kush, in exchange for that they would give what Kush wanted.

World religion

Buddhism Holidays

3500 BC

The Buddhas celebrate many holidays, but here are just a few of them. Buddhist New Year, Vesak, Sangha Day, Dhamma Day, and so on.

Hinduism holidays

3000 BC

The Hindus celebrate lots of holidays. Such as Basant Panchami, Dashara, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, and many more holidays.

Judaism Holidays

3000 BC

Some holidays of Judaism are Rosh Hashanha, Yom Kipper, Sukkot, Purim, and many more holidays.


510 BC

Buddhism people didn't believe in that god that the Hindu people did. They thought that it didn't matter what you did in your life, your special no matter what. So in that case a lot of people that were Hindus, switched to Buddhism.


500 BC

Hinduism still is one of the most popular religion in the world. The Hindus believed in a god that made everything that exists. They thought that if you had a good life, like being a pharaoh or something, you would brought up to the god.


Rome's fights

54 BC

When Rome went to war when Julius was in charge, they lost some people but they rarely lost their fight. Julius never died till his friend murdered him.

Some of Rome's jealousy

50 BC

When Julius C. was on a role, some of his friends were getting sick of it. They were jealous. So they killed him. Everybody was scared because Caesar kept Rome protected, but others were pleased and didn't like him.


50 BC

When Rome was just being Rome, out of the blue, the Barbarians light Rome's houses on fire. All their food, clothes, tables, and so on. Rome was in starvation.

Julius C. gets killed

49 BC

When Julius gets popular, people are starting to get gelious. Like his friend. When Julius wins more battles, that's when his friend finally got enough. So he killed Julius, stabbed knifes in him over and over again. Then when Julius died, Rome was getting into fights WAY more than they used to. Rome was falling apart.

Julius Caesar

20 BC

Julius was a poor guy. But he gave things to other poor people like games. He one day took over Rome and some guys were getting enough of him, because he had lots of power. So those guys killed Julius. Than Julius's niece killed those guys and HE became the ruler of Rome.


Early Greece trading culture

2,000 BC

The Minoans and Mycenaens were the best at building ships. They went out into the Mediterranean Sea to trade. Everybody was expecting goods when they came back, and they did get goods for Greece.

The Minoans

2,000 BC

The Minoans traded goods around Greece. The trade that they did made them rich enough to build beautiful buildings. It was a great time for the Minoans.

The Minoans Decline

1600 BC

Because Greece was on a island, the Minoans spent much time on the sea. Their ships carried goods such as olive oil, wood, pottery all over the eastern Mediterranean Sea. But one day by Crete, a volcano erupted and created a giant wave that flooded Crete. This eruption created clouds of ash, ruining crops and burying cities. That eruption may have led to the end of Minoans civilization.

The Mycenaeans

1550 BC

After the Minoans eruption, the Mycenaeans became the major traders in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. But though they lived in Greece, historians don't consider them Greek people. Why? Because they actually didn't speak Greek.

Greece's Land

59 BC

Greece was surrounded by water. Greece had lots of mountains in its areas. Because Greece is covered with mountains, there isn't much flat areas for farmland.