Causes Of The French Revolution


Enlightened Thinkers

1740 - 1748

Was a time where people questioned political ideas, government, science and religion. In this they wanted to accomplish improving their society. With not only this, it relates to the Causes of the Revolution because they were the people who made others think & push against what their government was doing.

Treaty With Austria

April 1748 - October 1748

The War of the Austrian Succession is ended by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. With no finical support, they went into debt. In October, Baron de Montesquieu released a book called spirit of the law, in which he talked about different government systems and barriers of power. This is the first major amount of debt that france had.

King Louis XVI


The death of King Louis XV. His grandson, the Dauphin, becomes King Louis XVI.

Poor Timing...


King Louis the 16th is now implementing that their be a new price of bread, do to the fact that their was a poor harvest in grain.

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

King Louis XVI decides to help the American financially, and borrows money from the bank which causes even more debt. The French spent 1.3 billion livres to support the Americans directly.

Diamond Crisis affair

1780 - 1785

The Diamond Necklace affair happened in 1780, there was news that one of the most valuable and expensive pieces of jewelry was stolen. Those involved in the theft of the necklace had used Marie Antoinette’s name as part of their theft Despite not being directly involved, the queen was publicly discredited by the diamond necklace affair. People thought that they now the royal family had to much money and 1.5 livers had been added on to there debt.

Amount Of debt


The Treaty of Paris brings the American Revolutionary War to a close. Involvement in the war has cost the French government more than 1.8 billion livres. ( equals to about 2111994000.00 US Dollars)

Bread Riots


These riots were the fall of the bastille. Bread was so important because thats the main part of the common & poor persons meal. Bread became so expensive that people couldn't afford it anymore.

Death To a King!

1795 June 8

Death to King Louis xvi & Is uncrowned. A month later around August 22nd, they make an outline of a new constitution they systematically is different. It now has five-man executive and a bicameral assembly. October 26th they no longer needed a national assembly. This is important and a key thing to the revolution because they've let go of their king who messed up their country now has prestige, wealth, and liberty of the people. They government also made a new way of making they people feel heard.