Medical Pocedures


James Blundell. Blood transfusion


First human to human blood transfusion documented

Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch. Disease Germ.


Culture of Bacillus and anthrax. Bacillus responsible for disease.
Disease is caused by infections of phatogenic micoorganisms.

Ronald Ross. Malaria Parasite.


Mosquitoes are carriers of Malaria.

Karl Landsteiner. Richard Lewinsohn. Blood grouping reagents

1900 - 1915

Development of experiments that allowed that blood transfusion becomes true.
Sodium citrate concentration to add to the blood to produce an effective anticoagulant.

Lucien Cuenot. Genetics with mice

1902 - 1980

Mendelian genetics are for animals too. Genetic mutation.
1980 Development of mice knockout and genetically modified

Eduard Zirm. Transplant.

December 1905

The first successful corneal transplant. Surgery.

Banting, Best, Collip. Insulin


On 11 January 1922 insulin was first used in the treatment of diabetes.

Alexander Fleming. Penicillin


Penicillin is a drug that kills bacteria and is used to treat infections.
It is used to treat so many deseases like pneumonia, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.

Henry Dale. Otto Loewi. Neurotransmission


Demonstrated the chemical nature of synaptic transmission, in frog heart (Loewi) and voluntary muscle (Dale)
New nerve fibers classification.
Identified acetylcholine as neurotransmitter.

Dolly, the sheep.

1996 - 2003

This prompted the genetics industry to investigate more about how to make an identicall copy of an organism or cell.
Treatments for mitochondrial diseases prevention.

Cultivated Organ Transplant


The first cultivated organ transplant was a trachea.
Similarity between pig and human tissue.

Red blood cells culture


Stem cells from bone marrow to cultivate red blood cells.

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