France vs China


The early Bronze Age archeological cultures in France include the transitional Beaker culture

Approx. 2800 BC - Approx. 1900 BC

Beginning of Bronze Age in France.

Approx. 1800 BC

Shang dynasty

1750 B.C. - 1045 B.C.


1045 B.C. - 770 BC

Celtic Groups Start Arriving

800 B.C.E

The Celts, an Iron Age group, began to immigrate into the region of modern France in great numbers from c.800 BCE, and over the next few centuries took over the area.

Zhou state collapses into loose association of warring states, known as the Eastern Zhou.

770 BC

Founding of Antibes, the first Greek colony in France.

Approx. 680 BC

Present day Antibes

King Ying Zheng of Qin for the first time unites much of the Chinese heartland, becomes the first ruler to use the title "emperor" as Qin Shihuangdi ("First Qin Emperor") and builds first Great Wall o

221 Bc - 206 BC

Buddhism comes into China.

Approx. 206 BC - Approx. 220 AD

Conquered by the Romans

100 CE

Han state

Approx. 220 CE

Collapse of Han state results in nearly four centuries of division between competing dynasties before China is reunited by the short-lived Sui dynasty. Start of the development of southern China.

Six Dynasties Period

220 CE - 589 CE

Ending of Han State

Approx. 250 CE

In the year 220, Han rule came to an end, and for the next 350 years, China was divided.

The Gallic Empire is founded by Postumus.

260 CE

The collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

476 CE

The collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

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Hereditary rule of Normandy by Viking Dukes of Normandy

Approx. 1,000 CE - 1,200 CE

Jin Dynasty

Approx. 1115 - Approx. 1234

Second Crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and by King Louis VII of France

Approx. 1147

Yuan Dynasty

Approx. 1279 CE - Approx. 1368 CE

Capital: Dadu which is present day Beijing.

The French are defeated at the Battle of Crecy

1346 CE

Ming Dynasty

1368 - 1644

Italian Wars- France and Austria fight over Italian lands


France Flag Developed

1789 CE