French Revolution

HW #8: Revolutions Part A


Financial Crisis


Food shortages occur because of bad harvests. This causes the third estates population to rise dangerously. Courses which seem to be present as causes of major revolutions: 1. People from all social classes are discontented.

Estates General to National Assembly


In order to meet the demands of the people. Estates General meets with representatives from all three estates to resolve financial issues.

New Order


National Assembly is established, National Assembly abolished old regulations and social ladders. Also the Declaration of the Rights of Man is written down (reflects enlightenment).

Change is Radical


New National Convention begins sessions and drafts new constitution. 2 main factions (Jacobins and Girondins and the Mountain). Convinced NC to kill the king.


1793 - 1794

Thousands are killed by the guillotine for simply apposing the revolutionaries. The course that revolutions seem to take: #6



National Convention gains control again. Moderate groups regain power. The revolution is over. Sort of.

Napoleon Bonaparte

1799 - 1815

Napoleon rose through French military ranks. Child of the revolution. Overthrew the Directory and basically gained absolute power.