Block 4 Spanish 2 Meghan Potter BOLIVIA


First Native American tribes

1400 B.C - 400 B.C

The first Native American tribes settle in present-day Bolivia



people of Chuquisaca (later renamed sucre) launch uprising against spanish rule on May 25

War of the Pacfic

1879 - 1884

War of the Pacfic; with defeat, Bolivia loses the Atacama Desert and its coastline to Chile.

Chaco War

1932 - 1935

Chaco war with Paraguay results in Bolivia's loss of the Chaco Boreal.

Military coup


Military coup ousts MNR party from power.

democrat government


Civil rule and democratic government restored to Bolivia with the installaton of Hernán Sile Zuazo as president.

new president


Carlos Mesa becomes presidennt after Sanchez de Lozada is forced to resigns due to ill health.

Evo Morales


Evo Morales, a full-blooded Aymara Indian, is elected president

Morales wins


Moraleswins a national referendum; in eastrtn provinces, protesters dispute the victory in clashes that kill 30 people.

Bolivian government


the bolivian government announces plans to invest $40 million in a new gas pipline that will run from southern bolivia to the Argentine border.