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first european to set foot in Paraguay


Alejo Garcia becoame the first European to set foot on Paraguayan soil.

Asuncion is founded


Asuncion the capital of Paraguay was founded in 1537

The declaration of of independance


the declaration of independance of Paraguay was signed in 1811

the regime of Jose Gaspar Rodriguez

1814 - 1840

the ruuling of Jose Gaspar Rodriguez

The regime of Carlos Antonio Lopez

1841 - 1862

the regime of Carlos Antonio Lopez

The Chaco War

1932 - 1935

Paraguay defeated Bolivia in the Chaco war

the rein of General Higinio Moringio

1940 - 1949

The strong military regime of General Higinio Moringio

The over throw of power in paraguay


Stroessner is overturn, General Andres Rodriguez is elected president.

a new democratic constitution is enacted


A new democreatic constitution was enacted in Paraguay in 1992

The end of the Colorado Party rule


Fernando Lugo is elected President, that ended over 60 years of power.