Sewing Machine History


First Possible Patent


The first possible patent for a machine that sewed was a 1755 British patent issued to German, Charles Weisenthal.

Patent for Complete Sewing Machine


Thomas Saint was granted the first patent for a complete machine for sewing in 1790. It is not known if he created a working prototype.

Patent for a Machine that Emulated Hand Sewing


In 1804, a French patent was granted to Thomas Stone and James Henderson for "a machine that emulated hand sewing."

Automatic Mahchine for Sewing Caps


In 1810, German, Balthasar Krems invented an automatic machine that could sew caps.

Unsuccessful Sewing Machines


Josef Madersperger made several attempts at inventing a sewing machine and was issued a patent in 1814. All of his attempts for the machine were unsuccessful.

First Sewing Machine (Bad)


In 1818, the first American sewing machine was invented by John Adams Doge and John Knowles. Their machine was not able to sew any useful amount of fabric before malfunctioning.

First Sewing Machine (Good)


The first good sewing machine was invented by the French tailor, Barthelemy Thimonnier, in 1830.

America's First Successful Sewing Machine (Somewhat)


In 1834, Walter Hunt built America's first (somewhat) successful sewing machine.

America's Best Sewing Machine So Far


Elias Howe invented a good american sewing machine on September 10, 1846.

Sewing Machine Sales are Increasing


Sewing Machines began to attract attention about 1853. After that their sales have been increasing.

First Chain-Stitch Single-Thread Sewing Machine


On June 2, 1857, James Gibbs patented the first chain-stitch single-thread sewing machine.

Sewing Machines are Being Widely Produced


In 1860 more than 110,000 sewing machines were produced in the United States alone.

First Zig-Zag Stitch Sewing Machine


Helen Augusta Blanchard of Portland, Maine patented the first zig-zag stitch machine in 1873.

First Sewing Machine for Home Use


Finaly in 1889 a sewing machine was for home use.

Electrically-Powered Sewing Machine is Popular


By 1905, the electrically-powered sewing machine was being used a lot.

Modern Sewing Machine


Modern Sewing Machines are smaller, typically white and have different modes for different items.