1st period spanish Devin Hansley Chile


Diego de Almagro leads first spanish expedition


Setting out from peru, Diego de Almagro leads first spanish expedition to explore and conquer the lands of present-day chile; two-year journey, filled with hardships, is largely unsuccessful.

Pedro de Valdivia


Pedro de valdivia resumes spanish efforts to conquer Chile

Pushing the Araucanians South


After slowly pushing the Araucanians south past the Bio-Bio River, founding various settlement, and serrving as Chile's first colonial governor, valdivia is killed in fighting with the indians.

Araucanian resistance

1580 - 1800

Araucanian resistance forces the spanish North of the Bio-Bio
River, a line of seperation that will remain until the 1800's.

Agricultural Estates

1700 - 1800

Large agricultural estates develop in Chile

Their loyalty to Ferdinand VII


Professing their loyalty to Ferdinand VII, a group of chileans sezes the goverment of their colony on sept 18, soon Jose Miguel Carera and Bernard O'Higgins emerge as rivals in the fight for full independence from spain

Leadership of O'Higgins


under the leadership of O'Higgins, Chileans declare their independence from spain on Febuary 12,

Ousted, and Forced and into Exile


O'Higgins is ousted and forced and into exile in peru

Chile fights Peru and Bolivia

1879 - 1883

Chile fights peru and Bolivia in the war of the pacific ; by winning that war, chile expands its territory Northward by almost one-third

A treaty with Argentina


Chilean government signs a treaty with Argentina confirming chilean sovereignty over the strait of magellan, the primary sea-lane connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

European immigrants migrate in Chile

1890 - 1899

European immigrants arrive in Large numbers in Chile

Voters elect Dr. Salvador Allende


By a slim margin voters elect Dr. Salvador Allende, a socialist intellectual who believes that workers should control the production of goods and services

Military Led by General Augusto Pinochet


The military, led by General Augusto pinochet, storms the presidential palace on sept 11, Allende dies during the fighting. Pinochet becomes military dictator

A new Constitution


A new constitution is approved by a plebiscite and General Pinochet becomes president of the Republic for an eight-year term.

Chileans vote for elections to choose a New President


In another plebscite, Chileans vote for elections to choose a new president and the majority of memberss of a two-chamber congress, Pinochet is turned out.

Voters elect Christian Democrat


Voters elect Christian Democrat Patricio Aylwin, the candidate of a coalition of 17 political parties, to the presidency in December.

Pinochet is arrested in London


Pinochet is arrested in London on a warrant by a spanish judge investigating violations of human rights in Chile, but he is later declared too ill to stand trial: in Chile, Bi Cardo Lagos escobar wins a narrow victory in presidential elections.

An Appeals Court


An appeals court in Chile rules Augusto Pinochet, under house arrest since December. 200, mentally unfit to be tried for killings commited under his Regime.

Santiago Hosts the United Nations Convention


Santiago hosts the Unitedd Nations Convention on Trade in Endangered Species.

Chile signs a trade agggreement


Chile signs a trade aggreement with the United States

Michell Bachelet Jeria Is elected president


Former minister of Defense Michelle Bachelet Jeria is electted president; Augusto Pinochet dies of heart failure