The Rise and Fall of the Carolingian Empire


Battle of Tours


This battle marked the rise of the Carolingian Empire, where Charles Martel defeated the spanish moors.

Charlemagne's Birth


This markes the birthday of Charlamange, the european king that united much of Europe during the early middle ages

Conquest of the Lombard Kingdom


The Lombard Kingdom was in Italy and was very large. So its defeat meant a huge expansion for the Carolingian Empire. Charlamange was the conquerer of this kingdom integreated this into his empire

Conquest of the Saxons

755 - 785

The Saxons were a group of people that lived in Europe and British Isles, during this conquest, Charlamange sought to convert them.

Advance of the Christians in Spain

785 - 812

The Carolingian empire had won the Spanish March from the Saxons, which in result gained them the ability to make more advancments then and in the coming years

Charlamange writes Admonito Generalis


This is one of his most famous works. Another one of his most famous works is Epistola de Litteris Colendis and they have both survived to the present day.

Frankish Empire is ruled

800 - 888

The Frankish Empire was a large kingdom that consisted of small sub-kingdoms. This kingdom was a barbarian kingdom.

Charlamange is crowned king of the Franks


On this day, Charlemagne is crowned king of the franks and is given the role of emperor

Charlemagne's Death


Today marks the death of Charlamange. Charlamange died of Pluerisy.

Carolingian Civil War

823 - 835

This war mostly consisted of fighting between Louis the Pious (a son of Charlemagne) and Charles the Bald and his three sons Lothar, Pepin, and Louis the German

Peace is restored among the kingdom


During the war, there was a large amount of fighting between the family. Louis the Pious had been stripped of his title. However, when the peace was restored between the family, he gained his title back

Loius the Pious dies


Today marks the death of Lous, one of Charlamange's sons. He died in Reihn, Germany to an unknown cause.

Oaths of Strasbourg


Louis the German and Charles the Bald made an alliance. This divided the empire between the two of them

The Partition of Verdun divides


This division marked the beginning of modern France, Germany, and Italy. This division was made after Charlemagne died

Treaty of Verdun


This is the Treaty that divided the empire between Charlemagne's three sons.

Charles the Bald dies


Today marks the death of Charles the bald, who died an unknown death

Stammerer dies


Today marks the death of Loius the Stammerer who also died an unknown death

Charles the Fat is crowned Emperor


Charles the fat is crowned king of the empire

Charles the fat dies


This marks the death of Charles the Fat, who died in Donaueschingen, Germany of natural causes. Thus, marking the end of the Carolingian empire.