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The Phoenicians and Greeks

1500 BC - 500 BC

The The Phoenicians and Greeks arrived between 1500 and 500 BC, setting mostly on the Mediterranean Coast as trade was there intrest.

The Romans

218 BC

The Romans left most evidence of their occupation of Spain which began in 218 BC.

The conquest

133 BC

The conquest came in 133 BC when the Carthaginian stronghold of Numancia fell to the Romans.

Barbarian Control

400 AD

In the 5th century AD barbarians from the North-East of Europe invaded and shettered the Roman Empire in Spain.

Invaders of Spain

711 AD - 732 AD

The Moors (Arabs) from North Americans invaded Sapin, overthrew the visigoth rule and by 732 AD had reached central France.

Los Reyes Catolicos

1492 AD

Knows as Los Reyes Catolicos they brought the Reconquest to an end and finally defeated the Moors at Granada in 1492 AD. This date marks the beginning of a new era for Spain as one Untied Country.

Carlist Wars

1833 - 1875

1833 Spain was torn by the first of seris of the Civil wars called Carlist Wars. In 1833 through 1875 there was argument the would rule Spain.

Isabella 2


Isabella 2 took power, but her region was constantly interrupted by military up risings caused by the Carlists, until 1868 she was overthrown and exiled.

Wars Ended


The Carlist wars at least ended 1876 from then on the history of Spain is characterized by the growing awareness among the working classes of the in justices they suffered and the struggle of aristocrats to retain absolute power.



Spain lost the colony Cuba, in 1898 shortly after losing Puerto Rico and the Philippins

1st Democratic Election


First Democratic election with the Liberal, Mddle class, Rpublicans who won and also with Scialists support and the second Republic was set up.

Popular Front


In elections of 1931 the Popular Front, consisted of Republicans, Soclcialists and Communists, which they gained two seats for everyone of the National Front gained

Civil War

1936 - 1939

The Civil War started

Dictator of Spain

1939 - 1975

General Franciso Franco was the Dictator of Spain from 1939 to 1975.