Unit 04: Race (Clark: Rachel, Holly, Callan)

How, if at all, have we progressed? Focus on African Americans (Rachel, Holly, Callan)

African Americans

Slavery barred from the northwest territory


Congress barred slavery from the northwest territory

Second Great Awakening

Approx. 1790 - Approx. 1830

The Second Great Awakening was religious revival that fought for injustices that included slavery, affordable education, the prison system, and mistreatment of women.

Enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act


first organized emancipation movement


The first organized large scale emancipation movement that appeared with the creation of the ACS

Creation of the American Colonization Society (ACS)


The ACS was an institution that promoted the resettlement of African Americans to Africa created by a Presbyterian minister Robert Finley. They believed that this would solve the problem of slavery in the US.

support of ACS peaked

1832 - 1837

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The civil war was a conflict between the North and the South that started from their differences in political, social, and economic issues.

Emancipation Proclamation


over half of the African American population were colonized by the ACS before the emancipation proclamation.

13th Amendment


Passed after the civil to abolish slavery.

Civil Rights Acts of 1866


The first civil rights legislation in American history

14th Amendment


the amendment that gave slaves citizenship. If you are born in american you are a citizen, and states cannot deprive citizens of equal protection.

15th Amendment


A state cannot deny anyone the right to vote because of race.

American Presidents

George Washington

1789 - 1797

John Adams

1797 - 1801

Thomas Jefferson

1801 - 1809

James Madison

1809 - 1817

James Monroe

1817 - 1825

J. Quincy Adams

1825 - 1829

Andrew Jackson

1829 - 1837

M. Van Buren

1837 - 1841

William Harrison


John Tyler

April, 1841 - 1845

James Polk

1845 - 1849

Zachary Taylor

1849 - July, 1850

Millard Fillmore

1850 - 1853

Franklin Pierce

1853 - 1857

James Buchanan

1857 - 1861

Abraham Lincoln

1861 - 1865