The Salem Witchcraft Trials


Tituba's circle forms & storytelling sessions begin

November 1691

Girls in Tituba's circle begin acting strangely; doctors are called

January 1692

Mary Sibley asks John & Tituba to prepare a witch's cake

February 25 1692

The girls name three women as their tormentors

February 26 1692

Good & Osborne deny charges, Tituba confesses to being a witch

March 1 1692

Prelim. examinations for Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne & Tituba are held.

March 1 1692

Martha Corey is brought to trial and denies charges - is caught in a lie

March 21 1692

Rebecca Nurse is arrested and held. Her 4 yr old child Dorcas is arrested.

March 24 1692

Sarah Cloyce, Elizabeth Proctor & John Proctor are held.

April 11 1692

George Jacobs arrested - accused by his servant, Sarah Churchill.

May 10 1692