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Timeline of Nicaragua

American Mercenary

1855 AD - 1856

American mercenary William Walker is hired by a Nicaraguan political party to topple the president; he takes control of the government and sets himself up as president; he is outsed the next year.

Jose Santos Zelaya

1909 AD

Dictator Jose Santos Zelaya is overthrown in Nicaragua; chaos and instability follow, leading to US financial and military intervention.

Potential Peace

1927 AD

Potential peace accord among fighting factions in Nicaragua probides basis for US occupation and subsequent elections.

Anastasio Somoza Garcia


General Anastasio Somoza Garcia in named director of the new National Guard in Nicaragua; the US Marines withdraw.


1961 AD

The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) is founded in Nicaragua.

Ending Aid

1981 AD

the US ends aid to Nicaragua after finding evidence that Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Soviet Union are supplying arms to rebels in El Salvador.

Sandinistas and Contras

1987 AD

Peace talks between the Sandinistas and Contras break down; Ortega confirms rumors that the Soviets plan to increase military aid to Nicaragua.

Arnoldo Alemán

1997 AD

Arnoldo Alemán is inaugurated as president, thus completing the first democratic and peaceful transfer of the presidency in Nicaragua's history.

Enrique Bolaños

2002 AD

Enrique Bolaños takes office as president of Nicaragua.

Pacific Coast

2010 AD

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake off the Pacific Coast causes damage to coastal communities near Nicaragua's border with Costa Rica.