Iran (Formerly Persia) Events


Iranian Revolution


As the political situation in Iran becomes more heated, the Iranian Revolution, also known as ''Islamic Revolution'' happens in January of 1979 and ends in February of 1979.

Election of the first president of Iran

1980 - 1981

Abolhasan Bani-Sadr is elected as Iran's first president in 1980. Shortly after that, his government begins work on a major nationalization programme.

The Iraq-Iran War Begins


This war lasted for 8 years and happened because of Iraq invading Iran, border disputes between the two countries, and the fear of the majority of Shia citizens in Iraq revolting like what happened in Iran.

Iran-Contra Affair


After the US and the Soviet Union halted arms supplies to Iran, the US attempted to win the release of U.S hostages in Lebanon by offering secret arms deals to Iran, this would later become known as the Iran-Contra affair.

Iranian Airbus Shot Down by USS Vincennes


290 passengers and the crew of an Iran Air Airbus are mistakenly shot down by the USS Vincennes.

Ceasefire with Iraq


Iran accepts a ceasefire agreement with Iraq following negotiations in Geneva under the aegis of the UN.

Fatwa Against Salman Rushdie


Ayatollah Khomeini issues a religious edict (fatwa) ordering Muslims to kill British author, Salman Rushdie, for his novel, 'The Satanic Verses', considered blasphemous to Islam.

Major Earthquake in Iran


A major earthquake strikes Iran, killing approximately 40,000 people.

Election of Iran's 5th President


Mohammad Khatami wins the presidential election with 70% of the vote, beating the conservative ruling elite.

Iran Deploys Troops on Afghanistan's Border


Iran deploys thousands of troops on its border with Afghanistan after the Taleban admits killing eight Iranian diplomats and a journalist in Mazar-e Sharif.

Student Protest at Tehran University


Pro-democracy students at Tehran University demonstrate following the closure of the reformist newspaper 'Salam'. Clashes with security forces lead to six days of rioting and the arrest of more than 1,000 students.

Majili Elections


Majlis elections occur. Liberals and supporters of Khatami wrest control of parliament from conservatives for the first time.

Re-election of Mohammad Al Khatami


President Khatami becomes re-elected as president of Iran once again in June of 2001.

George Bush's Speech Against Iran,Iraq and North Korea


US President George Bush describes Iraq, Iran and North Korea as an "axis of evil", warning of the proliferation of long-range missiles being developed in these countries. The speech causes outrage in Iran and is condemned by reformists and conservatives alike.

Construction of First Nuclear Reactor in Iran


Russian technicians begin construction of Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr despite strong objections from the US.