6th Amendment Supreme Court Cases


Arguing of Powell V. Alabama

Oct 10, 1932

After the sentencing of 9 African American youths to death the Supreme court picked up the case due to inadequate representation in court, and an overall unfair trial.

Conclusion of Powell V. Alabama

Nov 7, 1932

THe Supreme court decided that the trial was unfair and that the Due Process Clause was broken.

Arguing of Gideon V. Wainwright

Jan 15, 1962

This case determined if the 6th Amendment applies in state courts. Also if the Florida law was above the Bill of Rights

Decision of Gideon V. Wainwright

Mar 18, 1963

The Supreme Court decided that Amendments weigh more than the state laws. Also that in a case capital or not if a defendant cannot afford an attorney one needs to be appointed.

The argument of Scott V. Illionis

Dec 4, 1978

This case pushed the boundaries of the 6th Amendment. Scott was trying to fight a $50 fine because he did not have an attorney.

Decision of Scott V. Illinois

Mar 5, 1979

This case proved that for a person to be sentenced to time in jail they must be allowed to be appointed an attorney.