Settling the Old West: Miners, Cowboys, Homesteaders and the Plains Indians



First Wave

1607 - 1776

The First Wave of Settlers, settled on the Atlantic Border of America to the Appalachian Mountains

Second Wave

1781 - 1840

The Settlers moved from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River

Third Wave

1840 - 1861

The Settlers traveled across the Great Plains to settle from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast

Fourth Wave

1861 - 1865

The Settlers started to settle in the Great plains which is the Rocky
Mountains to the Mississippi River

Main 2

California Gold Rush

1849 - 1850

The California Gold Rush was one of the first mining outbreaks in America. Not only whites showed up to mine but thousands of Immigrants.

Fort Laramie Treaty

1851 - 1858

The Treaty would provide Indians with food, money, and supposedly reserve Indian land forever. The treaty did not end up lasting very long because of all the miners that moved onto the land known as Pike's Peak, Colorado where the Americans discovered more gold.

Mcfarland House

1856 - 2012

William McFarland built a Cafe next to Feeder Line that made its way into the heart of the city known today as Mcfarland.

Homestead Act

1862 - 1976

The Homestead Act stated that farmers could farm 160 acres for 5
years, and the land would be theirs. 500,000 Americans became Homesteaders by the 1900's.

Transcontinental Railroad

1863 - 1869

The Central Pacific and the Union Pacific started building railroad from San Francisco, California to Odgen, Utah and met at the middle in 1869. Congress provided subsidies for the two companies giving them Finacial Aid and Land Grants.

Long Drive Trails

1865 - 1872

Cowboys started using the first dedicated trails to drive cattle North, to sell cattle to the Northerners. By 1872, 1 million cattle had been driven up the trail.

Peace Commision

1867 - 1868

The Peace Commission would make sure the Indians would not attack the Miners or Builders

Dawes Act

1887 - 1891

The Whites wanted to help the Indians by giving them land to farm . In reality, all the Whites wanted was for them to turn into American Farmers. The Indians were given the worst land in the country (Oklahoma and South Dakota).