Block 3 Spanish 1 Raequan West Peru


Amerindian settle Peru

18,000 b.c - 4,000 b.c

Group of Amerindian settle in Peru, eventually establishing agricultural civilizations in the region

Inca establish

1200 a.d

The Inca establish themselves around the highlight city of Cuzco.

Spanish conquistador

1526 - 1528

Spanish conqistador Franisco Pizarro explores Peru's coastal regions.

Maneo Capac


Maneo Capac Begins unsucessful revolt against Spanish rule.



Spain establishes the Vice royalty of Peru, with Lima as its capital

General Jose de San Martin


General Jose de San Martin captures Lima from the Spanish and proclaims Peru independents.

Peru and Bolivia

1879 - 1883

Peru and Bolivia are Deafeated by Chile durning the War of the Pacific, Peru less territory in the south to Chile.

The Communist


The Communist guerilla movement Sendero Luminoso, or Shining Path, begins attacks against Peruvian government.

Elected President


Promising the end government corruption and bring the Shining Path under control, Alberto Fujimore is elected president

Andes Mountains


In the Andes Mountains, investigators uncover a mass grave of villagers probably killed in 1984 durning the Shining Path insurgency, relatives of the dead tell the national truth and reconcilation commission that the Peruvian military was responsible