The Life of Walter Camp


Walter Chauncey Camp is Born

April 7th, 1859

Born to parents Leverett and Ellen in New Britain, Connecticut

Early Education

1864 - 1875

Attends Hopkins Grammar School in New Haven, Connecticut

Yale VS Harvard

November 13, 1875

The beginning of a legendary rivalry, Yale and Harvard hold their first football game. Harvard wins 4 -0.

Enrolls at Yale Collage


Play's Halfback and is Team Captain for the Yale Bulldogs Football Team. A hardworking, natural born leader, he quickly earns the respect of his fellow team mates. Under his leadership they had a record of 25- 1- 6.

Graduates from Yale and begins Yale Medical School


Graduates from Yale with a BA

A New Game of Football


Members of Inter-collegiate Football Association (IFA) Rules Committee agree to Camp's suggested changes and this set the course for American Football as we know it today. Yale officially accepts membership to the IFA to join Columbia, Rutgers, and Princeton. Camp would be a member for 48 years.

Changing the Rules


Camp invents a System of Downs and the lines on the football field which created a gridiron effect and allowed officials to make accurate calls about yardage.

New Haven Clock Company and Further Distancing American Football from Rugby


Camp leaves medical school in 1883 to begin a career at New Haven Clock Company, of which he would eventually become President in 1905.

At an IFA rule meeting, Walter suggests a new scoring system which is still used today.

Marriage to Alice Sumner


Alice and Walter had two children; Walter Jr. and Janet.

Head Coach at Yale College

1888 - 1910

Camp became head coach of Yale Football and lead his 1888, 1891, and 1982 teams to National Championships. His over all coaching record would be 79-5-3.

Head Coach at Stanford

1892 - 1895

In 1892, Camp coached both Yale and Stanford football teams.

The Father of American Football


At just 33 years old, Walter Camp was dubbed "The Father of American Football" for almost single handedly inventing the modern game of football.

The First All American Team


Walter started the "All American Team" made up of outstanding college athletes which was devised to further public interest in football. It is a tradition that continues today over 100 years later.

The Book of Football


Walter publishes "The Book of Football" his first of 30 books and over 250 articles.


March 14, 1925

Walter Chauncey Camp dies of a heart attack.

Walter Camp Memorial Gateway


Opens at Yale

Collage Football Hall of Fame


Inducted as Head Coach