Ancient India Timeline


Gautama Buddha

623 BCE - 483 BCE
  • Founder of the Buddhist religion,
  • His sayings and rules of discipline made up the Buddhist teachings.

Mauryan Empire

322 BCE - 185 BCE


268 BCE - 233 BCE
  • Brought free healthcare to his empire for both people and animals.
  • Used religion to unite the people.
  • Policies became a norm for the rulers who followed.

Kushan Empire

1 CE - 300 CE

Gupta Empire

320 CE - 550 CE

King Harsha

606 CE - 647 CE
  • Equal fairness among the people and they were treated well and lived harmoniously,
  • Contributed to the advancement of the country by building schools, highways etc.
  • Promoted a democratic government that cared for the people.

Delhi Sultanate

1206 CE - 1526 CE


1296 CE - 1320 CE
  • Established Muslim power to protect their frontier against the Mongols.
  • Muslim politics and culture penetrated southern India.
  • Protected his empire, but used the working people to do so.
  • Introduced socialist economic policies by government intervention in the economy.

Mughal Empire

1526 CE - 1858 CE


1560 CE - 1605 CE
  • Overcame Islamic elitism
  • He did now follow traditions of his faith, and also made some changes that were not favorable among Muslims.
  • He made the people equal and made the taxes fair. He was able to rule his empire and defend it in this way.