Salem Witchtrials


Pope Innocent V The 2nd declares witchcraft "as a reality rather than a myth"


First American trial and execution of a witch (Ann Hibbins)


Nathaniel and Rebecca Greensmith are put on trial and executed in Hartford, Connecticut


Goodwife Glover is accused of witchcraft and is hung


Reverend Samuel Parris moves to Salem


Elizabeth Parris and her cousin, Abigail Williams, begin acting strangely

January, 1692

"Witch Cake" is made; Ann Put man and Elizabeth begin to also act strange. The girls begin to accuse 3 women: Tituba, Good, and Osburn

February, 1692

The 3 women appear at the tavern where they are charged with practicing witchcraft on all 4 girls

March 1st, 1692

The first trial of the Salem Witch Trials takes place

March 2nd, 1692

Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborn are taken to jail after being found guilty of the practice of witchcraft

March 7th, 1692

Martha Corey is accused by Ann Putnam

March 11th, 1692

Deodat Lawson returns to Salem

March 19th, 1692

Martha Corey is put on trial and found guilty of witchcraft. She is later taken to prison.

March 21st, 1692

Ann Putnam and her daughter begin to act strangely.

March 23rd, 1692

Nurse and Sarah Good's 4-year old daughter are put on trial and taken to prison for the practice of witchcraft.

March 24th, 1692

Twenty-three more people are accused of witchcraft and are taken to prison

April, 1692

Twenty-nine more people are accused of witchcraft and taken to prison

May, 1692

Sarah Osborn dies in prison

May 10th, 1692

William Phips and Increase Mather arrive in Salem

May 14th, 1692

Phips creates the Court of Oyers and Terminer; Bridget Bishop is put on trial and sentenced to death

June 2nd, 1692

Bridget Bishop becomes the first woman to be hung in Salem for witchcraft

June 10th, 1692

Many more men and women are tried and sentenced to death by hanging

September, 1692

Phips forbids imprisonment of anyone else for witchcraft

October 12th, 1692

Phips destroys the Court of Oyer and Terminer

October 22nd, 1692

The rest of the people are tried by a special court. Those that are found guilty are granted a small sentence by Phips

January 3rd, 1693

Phips orders the release of the rest of the accused witches upon the payment of their prison fees.

May, 1693