American Revoltution


2nd Continental Congress is formed

May 10, 1775

Delegates from each colony, except Georgia, convened on this day to form the Second Continental Congress.

Continental Army is formed

June 14, 1775

The 2nd Continental Congress created the Continental Army and placed George Washington as the commander

American money is authorized

June 22, 1775

The 2nd Continental Congress authorized the printing of American money on this date

Passed Olive Branch Petition

July 5, 1775

The Olive Branch was passed on this date and sent to England 3 days later

Sent Olive Branch Petition

July 8, 1775

The 2nd Continental Congress sent the Olive Branch Petition to England on this date

Georgia joins the 2nd Continental Congress

July 20, 1775

Georgia joined the 2nd Continental Congress on this date, after the Declaration of Independence was signed

Resolution of Independence

July 2, 1776

The 2nd Continental Congress passed a resolution of independence on this date

Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776

The 2nd Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, and declared their independence from England

Articles of Confederation

November 5, 1777

On this date, the Articles of Confederation were passed

Congress of the Confederation

March 2, 1781

The 2nd Continental Congress met as the Congress of the Confederation on this date