rosa parks


Rosa Parks is born

February 4, 1913

Parks marrys Raymond Parks, a barber from Montgomery

Approx. 1932

Blake leaves Parks in the rain

Approx. 1943

Blake tells parks to enter through the back door and then leaves her in the pouring rain leaving her tricked

Parks Refuses to move at the back of the bus

December 1 1955

Bailed ot of jail

Dec 2nd 1955

Jo Ann Robinson organizes a bus boycott and spreads the word

dec 4 1955

The boycott

dec 5 1955 - December 19, 1956

The boycott decreases the financial payments leaving buses idle

A organization is made to organize the boycott

december 5, 1955

Martin Luther King Jr is the leader of that organization

Rosa Parks Arrested

December 5, 1955

She gets a fine of 10 dollars

Browder v. Gayle

June 5, 1956

The court case which destroyed the law of buses being segregated by race

Rosa parks gets the presidential medal of feedom

Approx. 1996

died of natural causes at the age of 92

October 24 2005