American Revolution


Continetal Army


Started a month after meeting of the Second Continental congress. George Washington was the commander of this war.

Common Sense


A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. He argued for two main points, 1 independence from England , and 2 the creation of a democratic republic.

Second Contiental Congress

may 1775

First Continental Congress, October 26. The Second Continental Congress was composed of many of the same delegates as the First Continental Congress, including the Founding Fathers.


may 10 1775

Congress reconvened in Philadelphia as the Second Continental Congress on May 10, 1775.

Olive Branch Petition

july 5 1775

Submitted to King George on July 8, 1775, and was adopted by the Second Continental Congress.

Declaration of the Cause and Necesities of taking up Arms

july 1776

The Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms was a document issued by the Second Continental Congress on July 6, 1775, to explain why the Thirteen Colonies had taken up arms in what had become the American Revolutionary War.

The Articles of Confederation

november 15 1777

First Consitution of the united states on 1777.

Consitutional Reform


A movement for constitutional reform started in the philadelphia.

Treaty of Paries


This was the last thing the congress done and it stopped the negotiated between the United States and Great Britain, ended the revolutionary war and recognized American independence

U.S. Constitution


The continental congress got adjourned and was replaced by the U.S. congress