A Rose For Emily

By Cody Wrzesinski


Emily is born

People see Emily with Homer

Homer and Emily are the talk around town as the new couple.

The towns people show support for Emily

They say sorry and feel bad for Emily.

Emily's Father Dies

Emily keeps telling people that he is not dead but eventually she lets them dispose of the body.

Homer Barren comes to town

Homer and Emily officially start to date

Homer leaves town

The sidewalks are now finished and Homer leaves town

Emily buys poison

Emily buys poison and says it is for rats but the towns people are suspicious

The strange smell

A strange smell develops around Emily's house

Emily's taxes are remitted

The men of the town believe that Emily should begin to pay her taxes again.

Attempt to collect Emily's taxes

Alderman goes to Emily's but she refuses to pay the taxes.

Smell is gone

The people of the town spread lime to get rid of the smell.

Emily gives painting lessons

Emily gives china-painting lessons to children

Homer's skeleton

Homer's skeleton is discovered in a room in Emily's house that has been closed off for 40 years.

Emily dies

Emily dies at age 74.