Book Report Timeline


Philadelphia 1793

August 16th, 1793 - August 23rd, 1793

everything going normally with a side of some rumors of sickness down at the docks

unknown illnesses

Aug 24, 1793 - August 29th, 1793

a week after the rumors started spreading, 64 people had died to some unknown sickness.

people are fleeing the city but the Cook family stays around a bit longer

Aug 30, 1793 - September 1st, 1793

Mattie's mother gets sick with the fever

Sep 2, 1793 - September 5th, 1793

Mattie leaves the city with her grandfather, leaving her sick mother to be helped by Eliza

Sep 6, 1793 - September 6th, 1793

Mattie gets stopped before making it to the town they are fleeing to, and are thrown off the cart because Grandpa has the fever.

Sep 7, 1793 - September 7th, 1793

after collapsing on the road, mattie wakes up in a hospital, sick with yellow fever

September 12th, 1793 - September 20th, 1793

Mattie recovers from the fever, then Grandpa and mattie leave the hospital to go back to the city and to the coffeehouse

September 22nd, 1793 - september 24th, 1793

Mattie survives at the coffeehouse by scavenging food from the wilted garden

September 25th, 1793

The coffeehouse is broken into by a pair of burglars, who get driven off by grandpa, but he dies in the prosess

September 26th, 1793

having no parents to look after her, mattie goes to Eliza's house to stay.

september 27th, 1793

The Children Eliza was taking care of get sick with the fever. Mattie and Eliza take them to the coffeehouse

October 14th, 1793

the first frost hits Philadelphia, marking the end of the fever. Mattie has survived!

October 23rd, 1793