Jazz Milestones (1895 - 1943)


Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band


Original jazz band according to Herbet Asbury's The Latin Quarter (1938), was the 'Spasm Band' made up of seven boys, aged twelve to fifteen. who first appeared in New Orleans. They advertised as the "Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band."

"Invention" of Jazz


12-year-old Jelly Roll Morton "invents" Jazz, or so later he claims. Morton combines ragtime, French quadrilles and the hot Blues played by Buddy Bolden.

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band


"The Original Dixieland Jazz Band", a white group, makes the first Jazz recording, "Livery Stable Blues". It sells a million copies, launching Jazz as popular music. Freddie Keppard, a black band leader, had rejected the chance to make the first Jazz record - he was afraid other musicians would copy his style.

Furthering the Evolution of Jazz


An older Morton introduces 'chord symbols' as alternative notation for professional musicians thus furthering the evolution of Jazz music.

'Rhapsody in Blue'


George Gershwin composed the work which defined his career and elevate him to a level of greatness, all in less than 3 weeks. 'Rhapsody in Blue' performed at Aeolian Hall by Paul Whiteman's orchestra, arranged by Ferde Grofe, was originally scored for piano and Jazz band.

Revolutionising the Jazz Form

1925 - 1928

Louis Armstrong revolutionises the Jazz form, encouraging solo improvisation over ensemble playing.