LeVar Chambers


18th Century


Only white male property owners could vote

19th Century

1850 - 1889

Property ownership and tax requirements eliminated. All adult white male could vote.

19th Century

1870 - 1890

15th Amendment is passed. Former slaves could vote. Florida and ten other states adopted the poll tax. Literacy test was given to prevent African American from voting.

20th Century

1913 - 1919

17th Amendment passed which states members of the Senate to be elected by the people. Supreme Court rules that the literacy test was in conflict with the 15th amendment and was eliminated.

20th Century

1920 - 1924

19th Amendment was passed which allows everyone to vote no matter of sex. Indian Citizen Act was granted to all Native Americans which gave them citizenship and the right to vote.

20th Century

1957 - 1960

Civil Rights Acts is the first law to implement the 15th amendment. One duty was to investigate voter discrimination.

20th Century

1961 - 1963

23rd Amendment allows voters in D.C. to participate in presidential elections.

20th Century

1964 - 1965

24th Amendment eliminates the poll tax as a requirement for voting in federal elections.

20th Century

1966 - 1970

Poll Tax eliminated in all elections.

20th century

1971 - 1994

26th amendment set minimum voting age to 18.

20th Century

1995 - 2002

the federal "Motor voter Act" takes effect making it easier for people to register to vote.

21st century


Federal Voting Standards and Procedures Act requires states to streamline registration, voting, and other election procedures.