8000-600 b.c.e


Domestication in Fertile Cresent

8000 b.c.e

Neolithic Revolution

8000 bce - 3000 bce

The development of agriculture which leads to settlement, farming, built cities, and population growth.

Farming communities in Mesopotamia River Valley

6000 b.c.e

Farming appears in the Fertile Cresent. it is important because it has the most fertile land and they realize how to farm.

Irrigation in Mesopotamia

5000 b.c.e

Early farming villages appear in egypt

5000 b.c.e

They learned how to plant crops. This is important because it brought farming to Egypt so they did not have to chase their food.


3500 b.c.e - 2000 b.c.e

The first civilization of Mesopotamia. They are war-like, built drainage systems, developed cuniform, ziggeruts, and trade system.

smaller communties unify in Egypt

3100 b.c.e

Nile communities started coming together. This is important because it created s larger empire.


3100 b.c.e

Egyptian written language made up of pictographs. This is important because this created communication.

Indus river valley Civilization

3000 b.c.e - 2500 b.c.e

Two main civilizations were the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. This is important because they had more creative ideas then others, such as sewage system.

Old Kingdom

2700 b.c.e - 2200 b.c.e



2400 b.c.e

This is the first written language. it is important because this started new ideas for others to create own language.

Akkadian Kingdom

2350 b.c.e

Middle Kingdom

2100 b.c.e - 1800 b.c.e



2000 b.c.e

were mean

Bronze metallurgy in China

2000 b.c.e

Iron Age

1900 b.c.e - 1400 b.c.e


1830 b.c.e - 1500 b.c.e

also occurred in 650- 500b.c.e. established laws built cities, leader of Hammurabi. 1st set of laws

Shang Dyansty

1766 b.c.e - 1122 b.c.e

Babylonians conquer Akkadians

1700 b.c.e

Aryan enters India subcontinent

1700 b.c.e

the new kingdom

1570 b.c.e - 1075 b.c.e



1550 b.c.e

gave iron secret away

Fall of Indus River Valley Civilization

1500 b.c.e

Bantu expression

1500 b.c.e

major migration movement originating in West Africa


1200 b.c.e

First Mesoamerican civilization. this is important because it shaped the development for other civilizations.

Zhou Dynasty

1122 b.c.e - 265 b.c.e

Egypt River Valley Civilization Falls

1100 b.c.e - 100 b.c.

Jews Establish Iseral in Palestine

1000 b.c.e


1000 b.c.e

mined coal and iron

Rise of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

911 b.c.e - 612 b.c.e

Rise of the Chavin civilization in Peru

900 b.c.e


650 b.c.e - 500 b.c.e

rebuilt Babylonia