The Development of Seismology



David Milne

May 5, 1840

David Milne suggests a machine that could measure seismic activity

Robert Mallet

March 27, 1857

Developed theories about earthquakes movements

Grove Gilbert

May 4, 1872

Discovered that earthquakes usually occur around fault lines


February 10, 1897

First U.S. Seismograph installed at Lick University

Intensity Scale

April 12, 1906

Giuseppe Mercalli creates the Intensity Scale that measures the damage that my be caused in an earthquake

Harry Reid

December 20, 1906

Hypothesized that earthquakes were likely the result of buildup pressure along fault lines.

Moho Boundary

December 18, 1909

Andrija Mohorvii discovered there was a boundary between the earth crust and mantle, naming it the Moho Boundary.

Richter Scale

September 30, 1935

Charles Richter creates the Richter scale to measure the intensity of earthquakes