baby face nelson


From this date and previous, Nelson committed mostly petty crime


Nelson joins his first gang, the Tape Bandits


Nelson marries Helen Wawzynak


Nelson and his gang broke into the home of a magazine executive and stole $205,00 worth in jewelry.

January 6, 1930

He committed a similar robbery in the bungalow of Lottie Brenner Von Buelow, getting $50,000 of jewelry.

March 1930

Nelson robbed his first bank where he took about $4,000.

April 21, 1930

Several home invasions and $25,000 in jewelry stolen during this period

May 1, 1930 - May 30, 1930

Nelson stole $4,600 from the Itasca State Bank. First crime where he was identified

October 3, 1930

He and his accomplices steal $18,000 from the wife of the very Chicago mayor.

October 6, 1930

Most of the Tape Bandits were captured, including Nelson. He was sentenced to life in prison in the joliet state penitentiary.

Approx. December 1931 - Approx. March 1932

He escapes during a prison transfer

February, 1932

Committed a major bank robbery in Grand Haven, Michigan

August 18, 1933

Nelson starts his own gang. Members include Homer Van Meter, Tommy Carroll, and Eddie Green

Approx. September, 1933

Nelsons new gang robbed the First National Bank of Brainerd, Minnesota of $32,000.

October 23, 1933

Nelsons gang purchases a large arsenal of illegal and modified weapons from underground gun dealer Hyman Lehman

Approx. November 1933 - Approx. February 1934

Nelson and his gang helped john Dillinger escape from prison. The gang increases to include John Dillinger and John "Red" Hamilton.

March 3, 1934

Nelson and his friend were driving when they were cut off by a man of the name of Theodore Kidder. When he stepped out of his car, nelson shot him dead.

March 4, 1934

The gang robbed the Security National Bank at Sioux Falls, South Dakota of $49,000. policeman Hale Keith was shot by nelson

March 6, 1934

The gang robbed the First National Bank in Mason City, Iowa , taking $52,000.

March 13, 1934

in Reno, Nelson and a gang member killed a chief witness Roy Fritsch, and threw his body down an abandoned mine shaft.

March 22, 1934

Big battle between police and Nelsons gang that results in Nelsons death

November 27, 1934