The Russian revolution


The Release of the Communist Manifesto

February 21, 1848

The Communist Manifesto was created on February 21, 1848 by Karl Marx with the help of his companion Friedrich Engels. The book was created in Germany and it spread all over Europe. The book outlined a form of government that where every person would be equal. Everyone was to be paid the same wage even for different jobs. An example would be that the CEO of a major company would be paid the same as a McDonalds crew member. Many peasants whom were taken advantage of really like this idea, and the leaders of different places were against this idea.

Karl Marx

Feb 21, 1848

Lenin's brother, Alexander Ulyanov, is hanged

May 8 1887

He was hung for plotting to kill the Czar Alexander III.

Russia VS Japan

1904 - 1905

This was a battle between Russia and Japan. Going over the course of a year, Russia surprisingly ended up losing the war to Japan. Many people were in shock due to the size of Russia compared to Japan.

The Revolution of 1905


From 1900-1905 Russia had been experiencing many workers strikes and terrorist attacks. The communists had now been split into two separate groups. The first being the Bolsheviks who believed that winning large amounts of people was not needed to win the revolution. This group of people was lead by Lenin. The second group was known as the Mensheviks who believed that they needed to win over larger groups of people. They were impatient people who were lead by Martov.

Bloody Sunday

Jan 22 1905

A group of workers in Russia marched down to the Czar's winter palace with their leader Father Gapon to protest. Although, police were ordered to fire against the protesters, killing and wounding hundreds of. Russian people. This caused many people to be angry at the emperor.

Bloody Sunday

January 22, 1905

The October Manifesto

Approx. October 1905

The October Manifesto was put in place by Emperor Nicholas II after the Russian revolution attempt earlier in the year. It basically stated a promise to the peoples civil rights.


1906 - 1907

In the span of two years more than 4,400 people had been affected by terrorist attacks in Russia. This put great fear in the Russian people. The more that the government arrested these terrorists, the more attacks that came to be. This dilemma ended up lasting until 1917.

World War I

1914 - 1918

Russian army stats


By the year 1917 Russia had experienced around 1.65 million deaths, almost 4 million wounded, 15.5 were mobilized and 2.4 had become prisoners of war.

Provisional Government.

March 1917

In Petrograd, Russia over 200,000 stickers whom were joined by women in bread lines, called to overthrow the Tsar. While the Zsar tried to get the Cossacks to attack, they refused. Two days later there were troops sent out to get rid of the protesters, but ended up shooting their commander and joining the growing group of protesters. And by March 14, Moscow had fallen. Due to this the Zsar was placed under house arrest in his cottage in a city nearby. On the 16th, the Soviet and the Duma came together and declared a Provisional Government. The new provisional government faced great power issues. The leaders of the new government misjudged how the Russian people felt with the war attribute with Germany. Lenin had previously been exiled due to the revolutionary ideas that he had. Germans helped sneak Lenin back inside Russia because they thought that it was cause chaos among the Russian people. This turned out to be in fact, true. He arrived back to Russia on April the 16th. Around the 16-18th of July, the Provisional Government began to fall. This is when the soldiers, mobs and the Bolsheviks tried to overthrow the government. They failed. Later on, the Bolsheviks gained the majority of people in the Moscow area. They now had a stronger military force on their side.

The Bolshevik Revolution!

October 1917 - November 1917

Finally, after many faced troubles, the Bolsheviks took control of Petrograd on the 13th. On the 23rd, they had Moscow and Lenin also returned. They officially took power over Russia on November 7th, when they arrested the Provisional Government.

Russian Civil War

1918 - 1921

When Vladimir Llyich Ulyanov AKA Lenin took over the Russian government to make it into a communist one, it resulted in a war between the Reds and the Whites. The Reds being those who stood by Lenin and his choices, the peasants. And the Whites being the rich/middle class who were against Lenin and his choices. After a long battle that at one point involved over fourteen countries supporting the whites of course, the Reds one and the government was fully communist.