Cruel and Unusual Punishment Over Time


Medieval Torture


In these barbarous times the cruel and pitiless feeling which induced legislators to increase the horrors of tortures and punishment which contributed to the aggravation of the fate of prisoners.

Medieval Consequences


Torture chambers and dungeons, Law did not prescribe any fixed rules for the treatment of prisoners who faced torture and punishment, he Catherine Wheel consisted of a large wooden wagon wheel which consisted of several radial spokes. A condemned person was lashed to the wheel and a club or iron cudgel was used to beat their limbs. The Scavengers Daughter Keeps the head down and forcing the knees up in a sitting position compressing the body to force the blood from the nose and ears.

Wilkerson v. Utah


Wilkerson was convicted of having, June 11, 1817, committed murder in the first degree in that territory. was legally charged with the willful, malicious, and premeditated murder of William Baxter with malice aforethought by indictment of the grand jury in due form of law,

Wilkerson v. Utah Consequences


A person convicted of a capital offense shall suffer death by being shot, hanged, or beheaded. People were shot in public. People guilty of murder in the first degree shall suffer death. Hanging was not enforced by the Law.

Trop v. Dulles


The conflict is about stripping an American citizen of his citizenship was a cruel and unusual punishment when imposed on a soldier who had deserted his Army unit during wartime for less than one day.

Trop v. Dulles Consequenses


A man who had left his team for two days was being stripped of his American Citizenship. The man said he never wish to speak to the US again and was sentenced to live the rest of his life on a military vessel. He lived on the vessel for 55 years

Justice Breyer and the Supreme Court


Justice says that the death penalty today is a cruel and unusual punishment. The Supreme Court says it is not a cruel and unusual punishment

Justice Breyer and the Supreme Court Consequences


Boyer was first sentenced to death 32 years ago for the robbery and murder of an elderly couple. He has a mistrial, a conviction reversed on the grounds that it was unconstitutional, and multiple appeals.

Consequences Today


For Killing someone in the first degree it is a minimum of 25 years if a firearm is used, otherwise a minimum of 10 years with a clean record.

Drunk Driving you can temporarily lose your driver's license, fees and fines, high insurance premiums, court-mandated community service, participation in drunk driving education programs, and even jail time.