Bubonic Plague


Black Death in Central China


An epidemic in 1333 which would eventually destroyed two-thirds of China’s population hit the northeastern Chinese province of Hopei. It took up to 90% of the population. About five million Chinese people were hit by this plague. Since China was known as one of the busiest world trading nations. It was only a matter of time before the outbreak of China spread through Western Asia and Europe.

eathquake disaster

apr 4, 1346

An earthquake in central Asia released the plague bacillus. The area was under the control of the Mongol Khanate.

Plague mongol attack

oct 18, 1346

An outbreak of plague killed large numbers of Mongol troops that were besieging the port of Kaffa. The leader of the troops, Kipchak Khan catapulted dead bodies over the city walls.

Start of black death

mar 25, 1347

start of the epidemic of the black death in Europe

plague in sicly

oct 7, 1347

Daughter of king Edward 3rd dies of black death

sep 2, 1348

Joan of England was a daughter of Edward III and his wife, Philippa of Hainault. Joan, also known as Joanna, was born on either December 19, 1333 or January 28, 1334 in the Tower of London. Joan died in the Black Death that struck Europe in 1348.

plague hits london

nov 1, 1348

London, as the country's largest city, had all the concomitant problems of overcrowding and poor sanitation. The Thames was a polluted mess and cesspits within the city were a constant source of contamination.

3000 Jews killed in Germany - 1349

may 9, 1349

3,000 Jews were killed in Erfurt, Germany because of the Black Death. The Jews tried to defend themselves from the mob of Christians. None of them survived from the Christian mobs. The ones that survived the Black Death were soon destroyed by the mobs, by 1350. There were almost no Jews left in Germany in 1351.

attempt to rid plague

jul 6, 1349

A religious group called the Flagellants attempted to rid Europe of the Black Death by touring the continent whipping themselves as atonement for people’s sins. They believed that the disease was a punishment from God for people’s sinfulness.

plague die out

nov 5, 1354

The plague had largely died out. It would return many times over the next few centuries until health and living standards improved.