octavio's colorado timeline


Colorado History

cristopher finds the new world


cristopher colombus herd realy strange stories. they said on the other side off the world were dragons and other things. so he went to exploring the other world he found the other world he was amaised .

pikes expedition


zebulon m. pike made a report that helped american explores who came to colorado.Him and his friends got lost many times

the fure trade


mountain men and fur trapers caught beaver pelts and traided them .

bent's fort built


charles and william bent biult a fort called bent's fort. They biult that so indians and mountain men could trade things

mexican american war

1846 - 1848

A war starded after fremonts expedition . over mexico vs america . cause america wanted land of new spain .

U.S history

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

thirteen british colonies on the east coast were ruled by british king.in philedelphia ,penselvenia a really nice man thomas jeferson wrote the declaration of independince.

The Louisiana purchase


in 1803 a event happend .The u.s. bought 500 million acres from the mississipi river to france.The sale was called the luisiana purchase.

World History