Videogames timeline


First time I played

Approx. 11/07/2007

My first time was with a PSP my father had. We played Medal of Honor very often. It was awesome, and I always beat him.

First time I used my own console

Approx. 03/15/2009

My parents had already gifted me a Nintendo DS but I hadn't used it yet. I started playing Nintendo games from around here. My favourite game back then was Pokémon.

I had my own PSP

Approx. 2/02/2010

Worms with my dad. We played. A lot.

My parents gifted me a Wii

Approx. 5/11/2011

I really liked it. Wii Sports was incredible, I had lots of fun with my family and I loved the flying minigame. I first started enjoying pure adventures such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You could use your own control as a sword! I also started playing with other people Smash Bros. Brawl and many more.



I have really good memories of this videogame console. I was amazed when I saw it on TV because of the 3D effect, although I turned out not using it at all. It was probably the console I used for longer. I started out with The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D (you are link and have to rescue Zelda) and another Pokémon game. It was also the console I played the most with other people with, either in my mother's kindergarden or outdoors. Some new models arrived with minor improvements and I purchased the XL model because the standard screen was just too small. It's really close to my heart.

Got my PSP camera

Approx. 02/22/2012

INVIZIMALS. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. I mostly played this with other kids in my mother's kindergarden in summer.

Wii U

Approx. 12/14/2013

Although many other people were going for PS4 or Xbox One and the new console war was very intense, I picked the Wii U. I had really liked Nintendo so far and Monster Hunter Ultimate left me speechless and addicted.


Approx. 12/25/2015

I stopped being a peasant and I became a member of the PC master race. My first games were mainly shooters, and I got specially adicted to one of them, Overwatch, last year. I remember using this along the Wii U switching the monitor's channels. Incredible. Useful and extremely enjoyable. Steam offers are great too.

Nintendo Switch


So I was really hyped with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And it didn't disappoint. I also have Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Oddisey. All of them were truly enjoyable. This console has a really convenient design too. It's both a portable and a table console. I also switch channels as I did with my Wii U.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Approx. 3/12/2021

I might get some VR around this date, when it becomes playable. It will still have quite bad graphics though.

China rules over the world


I know this has nothing to do with anything but who cares?

Flying autonomous cars


More free time. You know what that means? More videogames!

Playstation 10 or Xbox 720


Nintendo is dead

Mars colonization


People in Mars will play videogames, too. More people to play online with!

Retina VR


Everyone will play VR, only having to blink to do it. Ready Player One is getting close.

AI rules over China


Pretty much yeah. We are all doomed.

Bladerunner 2049


I've seen things you people would never believe. Attack ships on fire beyond Orion. All those moments will be lost like tears in rain.

No one is in reality no more.


Enter the Matrix.

Rule overs the world


And that's it. Thank you all