Lilah's Colorado Timeline

Colorado History

Bents Fort


Charles and William Bent and Ceran St. A trading post for people who wanted to trade for goods.

United States History

The Louisiana Purchase


In 1803 the United states purchased the louisiana purchase which had 500 million acre land. It had almost doubled the size of the U.S.

The Pike Expedition


Pike and his group left St.Louis Missouri.A doctor and atranslator came.The translator knew english,french, and spainish.

The Fur trade opens in the west


Three years after the Mexican American war the fur trade begins.The trapers hunted animals to trade and many other reasons.

Mexican American War

1846 - 1848

It was a war that had started by Fremont's third expedition.It was a war between Mexico and the United States. In the end the United States won.

World History

Christopher Colubus Reaches the New World


Christopher Colubus comess to the new world. Then later on it will become different countries which include the new world.