Timeline-bedside report project

The research/data collection/survey and planning part of this project will be lead by leadership nursing students. Implementation of project will be started by managers/educators and eventually lead by RN team.



10/01/2012 - 11/12/2012

Research shift to shift report, bedside reporting pros and cons, EBP around bedside reporting, implementation strategies, how to create a buy-in.

Weekly project meetings

10/05/2012 - 11/30/2012

Group discussion about progress, plan, ideas, responsibilities, and upcoming events.

Time report

10/15/2012 - 11/23/2012

Went to each ICU unit and timed shift-to-shift report--documented interactions and interruptions.


10/31/2012 - 11/30/2012

Article on bedside reporting was added to the unit newsletter for each ICU unit.


11/01/2012 - 11/12/2012

Survey included questions about units current reporting system as well as opinion on bedside reporting. sursusuuu

Observation of 14A

11/12/2012 - 11/13/2012

Caroline and Shasta went to speak to nurses and staff on 14A, timed shift-to-shift reporting, documented interruptions, distractions, patient reactions, and staff teamwork.

Present to cluster

11/21/2012 - 11/22/2012

Present to cluster council meeting, talk about project, research, and plans for moving the project forward. Give staff binder with project thus far: research, data collected, implementation guide, and other helpful resources.

E-mail to staff


Introduce ideas about bedside report, open invite to staff regarding development of coalition.

Create guiding coalition

01/01/2013 - 01/15/2013

Recruit interested staff RN's on each ICU to be part of team of leaders in the ICU cluster who will lead this project to completion--act as super users on the unit. Nurse educators and management would support this team and assist as needed.

Project development

01/15/2013 - 03/01/2013

we envision this stage of the project as ongoing, but ideas and project vision need to be developed and orchestrated before project can be introduced to all staff members.

Managers/lCU coalition introduce project

03/01/2013 - 03/31/2013

Mangers introduce ICU coalition who will lead project.
Introduce proposal, talk about why change needed, discuss significance of bedside report-EBP, encourage staff to continue addressing problems and concerns. Introduce project development ideas that coalition has come up with.
Main idea here is to create awareness and 'buy-in'

-present concept to staff RN
-promote dialogue among staff RN's
-address RN concerns
-present ideas

Education session 1

04/01/2013 - 04/30/2013

Education session 1
-introduce proposed changes
-address why change needed
-acknowledge loss
-staff concerns
-anticipated barriers

Education session 2

05/01/2013 - 05/31/2013

Review education session 1. Focus on what needs to be done to implement/sustain project. Talk about standardized format for bedside report, and talk about the process of the how to transition their practice successfully.

GOING LIVE-bedside report


Leaders and coalition members on floor available for staff to utilize as a resource. Also will monitor handoff process and lead by example.

Education session 3

08/01/2013 - 08/31/2013

Check-in with staff, address concerns, encourage open communication, talk about how it has been going thus far--comments and critique.


09/01/2013 - 01/01/2014

Continued monitoring of outcomes, addressing blocks and concerns, provide incentives for excellence.