history of pens


Steel Tip Pen

Approx. 1803

Patented by Bryan Donkin his Idea didn't take off until about 20 years later when John Mitchell picked up the patent in 1850, then the pen really took off.

The Fountain Pen

Approx. 1827

Petrache Poenaru invented this pen as a solution to the issue of having to stop and dip for ink. This innovation made pens available to the lower classes.

A Better Fountain Pen

Approx. 1884

Lewis Edson Waterman added to Poenaru's design by using air and gravity to keep the ink from flooding the page.

Almost a Ballpoint Pen

Approx. 1931

László Bíró, a newspaper editor, noticed how quickly the printing press ink dried and invented a new pen in which this ink could be used.

The First Ballpoint Pen

Approx. 1938

László Bíró and his brother György perfected an ink that dried fast and was the right consistency to flow smoothly, they patented this pen for the commercial market.

The Cheap Ballpoint Pen

Approx. 1953

French Baron, Bich disliked how expensive pens were so he bought the rights to Bíró’s ballpoint pen patent and began mass production on ball point pens.

The Felt-tip Pen

Approx. 1960

Tokyo Stationery Company of Japan invented this pen, it moved to the U.S. by Papermate's Flair pen. this style of tip worked so well that it became popular to use it in markers, highlighters, and many kinds pens.

Modern Day Pens

Approx. Present

Today you can get pens in any country in any color, shape and size.