Zacharias Jansen

Approx. 1590

Jansen was a Dutch spectacle-maker. He continued to the cell theory because he made the microscope that all future scientists used to see cells. Also, he was the first creator of a compound microscope, the accomplishment is dated around 1590. When he invented the microscope it eventually lead to making other inventions used today

Robert Hooke

Approx. 1665

Robert Hooke discovered the cell. When Hooke first saw it he called them cells and the name still stuck. He didn't know the real structure or function of the cell when he first discovered it. This helped scientist bc he discovered the basic unit all the other scientist have to just go deeper into his study

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Approx. 1674

He was a Dutch tradesman and scientist, best known for his work on the development and improvement of the microscope. Anton van Leeuwenhoek is another scientist who saw these cells soon after Hooke did. He made use of a microscope improving lenses that could magnify objects even more.

Theodor Schwann

Approx. 1837

He proved that all living things are composed of cells and cell products. With the help of schleiden they both concluded that plants are made up of cells. This showed that everything was made up up cells which helped prove what the other scientist had to say

Matthias Schleiden

Approx. 1839

Schleiden found that all plants are composed of cells. He also stated that the different parts of the plant organism are composed of cells.This help scientist know that there are more than one type of cells so they will keep trying to find other cells leading them to more information

Louis Pasteur

Approx. 1850

Louis contributed to the cell theory by disproving spontaneous generation. He was the first scientist to prove that cells can only form from preexisting cells. This helps prove what past scientist have said and leading to what we learn now.

Rudolf Virchow

Approx. 1855

He stated that not all plants are made up of cells ,which eventually leads to the creation of the cell theory. This lead to many scientist trying to prove which is right and wrong, leading to many more discoveries to come.